"John Mink is one of the most talented architects in the country.  This comes not only from our experience, but straight from the mouth of builders who have worked with him.  His designs are award-winning, creative, functional and cost-effective.  He is sensitive to the environment, natural surroundings and the desires of the property owners.  John listens extremely well to his clients.  We are a family of four and his design clearly took into account the flow of our family and needs we would have today and in the future.  He went above and beyond on several occasions to deliver service.  We sat many times on the roof to ensure that wall placement and windows would capture the breathtaking Boulder views perfectly.  His attention to detail is evident in his plans and his personal follow-up on items big and small.  Our building permit process went smoothly in part because of John’s reputation for low-impact, beautiful design that is harmonious with its surroundings.  And all this he delivers with intelligence, professionalism, integrity and respect for budgets.  Thank you API!"
Jennifer and Pierre-Michel Kronenberg
Boulder Colorado

"John made the experience of designing and building our dream house a true joy.  I think the quality that I most admired was his listening skills.  When we met for the first time he asked us what we wanted in the house and we told him all the things that were important to us.  He said he would be back with some sketches to see if he was on the right track.  His sketches became the house that it is.  The room layouts, the exterior design, the materials...everything was as we had hoped and the final plans looked like the sketches he brought.  People seeing the house for the first time can't believe it's twenty years old, it has a timeless design and I love living here."   
Julie Boston

Working with John Mink for the year it took to design our home, and the two years it took to build it, were truly enjoyable and conflict free. The house that John designed is truly wonderful, meeting our requirements of a show garage for 7 cars so that the cars can be seen from the dining room table, a dining room to seat 20, 7000 sq. ft. on one level with floor to ceiling windows on half the house, and an incredibly complex standing seam metal roof.

David Jacobs, Founder
Spyder Ski Wear

"John Mink is as collaborative as he is excellent.  Working with John makes for a cohesive project that give a precision level of detail without compromise.  I loved working with John and enjoyed his creativity and his willingness to understand our wants and needs. " 

Renee Berberian

"John brought both creativity and design to our project... he came up with an idea that was much bigger than we originally had and it worked perfectly.... John understood what we wanted to accomplish, the project came together very well. John understood the unique nature of remodeling a craftsman home and helped us through all of the issues around the complex building codes of Boulder. We were very pleased with John’s vision which resulted in a design that completely blends into our unique historic neighborhood. Thanks John."

Tim & Maureen McKenzie


"We continue to receive enthusiastic compliments from many people on John Mink's several stage architectural remodel of our south Boulder
home. Old friends looking for the original house don't recognize it at all. John's remarkable design makes our stucco and redwood two-story
house look like a custom built home rather than a remodel of the 1200 foot brick ranch house it once was. John listens to what the customer
wants and translates this into beautiful design. He's transformed an ordinary track house into just the home we always dreamed of. Thanks,
Reed Lindberg and Betty Cannon


"My company has been involved in building new homes and remodels in the Boulder area for the past 15 years. Insofar as excellence in design, comprehensive identification of scope of work, and client satisfaction, Architectural Partnership has accomplished perfection.
To have excellent planning and strength of great design that will carry through the project, Architectural Partnership will certainly provide this service. I always look forward to working with this company."
Jerry Paxton
Paradigm Construction
Pinewood Springs

"When you choose your Architect for your dream home, you have to have confidence in their ability to not only listen to your needs and dreams, but to help you fine tune them. When you walk your first guest throughout your new home, you will know that the individual that helped design it is as proud of it as you are.  John Mink exceeded our expectations. When I walk into a room each time, I know that I worked with someone special.  The angles are unique, the floor plan ideal for our lifestyle, and a home that we are blessed to own.  John and his creative passion were critical in the enjoyment of building, and of course the finished product.  We are proud to say that John Mink was our Architect and our friend."
Michael McDonald, President
McDonald Automotive Group

“John Mink of Architectural Partnership has been designing homes in the Denver area for the past 25 years and thankfully we have been involved in several new homes as well as large to small remodeling projects. As a General Contractor, it has been a delight to work with John Mink. His drawings are completed on time. We have had no issues with the building department doing easy reviews of the drawings. His detailing allows our subcontractors to price very competitively because all the details are complete and they know what the level of work is. With this level of drawings, it also allows the project to move more fluidly with our scheduling. We have done a variety of architecture with John. He listens well to clients, so they feel that their needs are being attended to meticulously. Nothing is overlooked on issues that clients are trying to incorporate into a design. During the process everything comes together making it a very successful project.
I would highly recommend John Mink for any future residential projects."

Paul Newmyer
Newmyer Contracting, Inc.


"I had the opportunity to walk through the Rales Residence this past week. My name is Ramey Caulkins and I am an interior designer based in Denver, CO. I was so taken with how thoughtful the interior architecture is of this home; I had to inquire as to who designed the home. The rooms are beautifully scaled and woderfully lit with natural light. I wanted to reach out and let you know how very impresed I am with your architectural work. A job well done."

Ramey Caulkins                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Interior Designer                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Griffin Design Source                                                                                                                                                                                                          Denver


"Mike and I are finally having a chance to see what it's like to live in our new home! It's so beautiful - we absolutely love it. It's spacious and cozy at the same time. The windows are amazing - there is so much natural light and incredible views of our winter lanscape. My favorite thing is to lie in bed in our dark bedroom and see all the stars - it's complete darkness outside except for the stars and we feel like we're part of the sky. Simply gorgeous. We could not be happier with it!"

Martha James                                                                                                                                                                 Gunflint Lake                                                                                                                                                                 Grand Marais, Minnesota

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